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Beer Hot Dog Buns


Servings: 10 buns     Prep Time: 1 1/2 to 2 hours     Cook Time: 15-17  mins


1 1/4 cup (150g) Vital Wheat Gluten
2/3 cup (80g) Lupin Flour
1/2 cup (37g) Oat Fiber
2 tbsp (30g) Confectioners Swerve or sweetener of your choice (use the amount you prefer)
1 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Xanthan Gum

2 tsp Baking Powder

1/2 tsp Baking Soda

1/16 tsp Ascorbic Acid*
1 1/2 cup Low Carb Beer (between 125 F - 130 F)
1 tbsp (12g) Instant or Quick Rise Yeast
1 tsp Honey (to activate the yeast)
2 tbsp (28g) Softened Butter
2 large Eggs, room temperature and lightly beaten

Special Equipment:
Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer or Bread Machine

Hot Dog Bun Pan

Preheat your stove to 350.

Begin by mixing your dry ingredients: vital wheat gluten, oat fiber, lupin flour, salt, xanthan gum, confectioner swerve, baking soda, baking powder, and ascorbic acid in a bowl then set aside.

Next, pour the warm beer into your machine bread pan or stand mixer bowl. Sprinkle in the yeast, add in the honey, and then stir it.

Lastly, pour in the eggs, butter, and flour mixture. If using a bread machine, allow the dough to mix and knead to completion. If using a stand mixer, mix and knead this dough with the paddle attachment for the first 4 minutes and then switch to the dough hook for the last 4 minutes.

When the dough is done kneading, divided it evenly into 10 pieces, then roll them into a ball and place them into a burger bun pan. If you don’t have a hot dog bun pan, use 2 large muffin pans or a cookie sheet and place each bun directly next to each other.

Bake them in an oven preheated to 35oF for 15 to 17 minutes.

Cover loosely with some oiled Saran Wrap or a damp clean dish towel and let them rise until they have doubled in size. This could take 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours depending on what method you use for rising.

*You don’t have to add Ascorbic Acid, but it will keep the bread fresher longer.

**If you don’t want to make beer buns, just replace the beer with water.


Nutritional Facts for 1 Beer Hot Dog Bun: 123.7 Calories, 4g Fat, 2.0g Net Carbs, 16.1g Protein.

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