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Keto Hot Chocolate

Servings: 1          Prep Time: 3 mins          Cook Time: 5 mins


1 cup Non-Dairy Milk
6 Cocoa Butter Wafers
1/2 tbsp (5g) Organic Cocoa Powder
2-4 tbsp Granular Sweetener (sweeten to taste)
2 Splashes Sugar-Free Torani Classic Caramel Syrup* (optional)

Special Equipment:
Immersion Blender or Regular Blender

In a medium saucepot, on medium heat, add in all the ingredients and whisk until everything is completely blend and hot. Turn off your stove and using an immersion blender, mix until everything is well incorporated. If you don’t have an immersion blender, pour your hot chocolate into a regular blender and blend until fully mixed.

Pour your hot chocolate into your favorite mug, top with some sugar-free whipped cream, maybe add some chocolate shaving and enjoy.

Nutritional Facts for 1 mug of Hot Chocolate: 223.6 Calories, 2.0 Net Carbs, 20.5 Fat, 2.0g Protein.

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