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Keto Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Servings: 4 sticks        Prep Time: 12 hrs 15 mins       Cook Time: 5 mins


8 Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

2 Eggs, beaten

12 tbsp Oat Fiber

12 tbsp Ground Lupin

2 tbsp Lupin Flour

1/2 tbsp dried Parsley

Duck Fat for frying

Get 3 bowls. In one bowl, put the oat fiber. In the second bowl, beat 2 eggs. And in the last bowl, mix ground lupin, lupin flour, and parsley flakes.

Cut the 8 mozzarella sticks in half. Begin by placing them in the oat fiber first, coat them, then shake off any excess.

Next, put them in the egg wash and then lastly the lupin mixture for the final top coating.

Place the mozzarella sticks in an airtight container and allow to freeze for at least 12 hours, preferably 24.

Preheat duck fat on medium-high heat in a saucepot. Add about half the cheese sticks. Fry for 2-3 minutes, flipping over at the halfway point. Remove from fat and place it on a plate with a paper towel.


Side Note: The longer they freeze, the better they will cook.


Nutritional Facts for 4 Keto Mozzarella Sticks: 146.5 Calories, 2.4g Net Carbs, 6.8g Fat, 17.3g Protein.

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