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Lupin Sourdough Starter


Servings:                Prep Time: 3 mins              Cook Time:


75g Lupin Flour
200g Water

Special Equipment:
Food Scale
32 oz Mason Jar


Turn your scale on and go to the gram setting. Place your mason jar on the scale then press the power button once to zero it out, meaning your scale will show the number zero instead of the weight of the jar. Now add 75g of lupin flour to the jar and then pour in the 200g of water. Mix until well incorporated and thick. Screw on the lid and let sit out at room temp for 24 hours. 

After 24 hours there will be no visible change so proceed to dump out half of the contents and repeat the process with the lupin flour and water. This is called feeding. You need to feed your sourdough starter daily for at least 7-10 days in order for it to grow and mature. 

Every day during this period you will dump out half the contents of the jar and add in 75g of lupin flour and 200g of water. By day three it should smell like rotten eggs and has risen significantly. 

As the days go by it will slowly start to smell sweet and vinegary like sourdough. You may need to get a bigger jar so keep that in mind. If you want your sourdough to be fully mature, continue this feeding process for 14 days and you will have a very flavorful sourdough. 

Once your sourdough is mature, you no longer have to discard any because it will be mature, and you can bake with it. But the sourdough still needs to be feed, and you have two options. You can leave it at room temperature, but you will have to continue with the daily feeding and that can get expensive if you are not going to be baking and selling bread daily. The next option is to refrigerate your sourdough start and this will slow it down, causing it not to need a feeding but once a week.

To do this, you simply take out what you need for making bread and then feed it with 75g of lupin flour and 200g of water. That’s it.

Nutritional Facts for 1 200g Lupin Sourdough Starter: 134.5 Calories, 1.8g Net Carbs, 3.6g Fat, 21.8g Protein.

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